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Special Issue on Recent Developments on Analysis and Control for Unmanned Systems

Unmanned systems, which include self-driving Vehicles, unmanned marine vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, are an application-oriented interdisciplinary research area for for a variety of research communities such as computer science, electrical engineering, information science and engineering, control system, mathematics, mechanical engineering, operations science and other fields. In particular, the nowadays popular self-driving technology gives rise to a great number of research issues including high-precision mapping and localization based on multi-sensor system, object detection and recognition under long-tailed distribution, decision and control of autonomous sytems, as well as coordinated control of multiple unmanned systems.


Unmanned systems have already become an ideal research area for control engineers, mathematicians, computer scientists, and system designers to analyze, design and interpret functional information from real-world applications. The main challenges associated with the analysis and synthesis problems for unmanned systems are identified as follows: the computational complexity of solving the large-sized cooperative problems with coupled tasks, the executing tasks under limited communication channel, the performance requirements subject to incomplete information, and feasibility of scalable solutions, etc.


This special issues will integrate knowledge across disciplines and industries. Topics include, but are not limited to, the following aspects of analysing dynamic systems:  


  • Information fusion, SLAM, Structure from Motion, high-precision localization

  • Long-tailed distribution, embedding space, data augmentation, few-shot learning

  • Intention estimation, object recognition, multi-task system

  • Model acceleration, neural network pruning and quantification

  • Autopilot designs for unmanned systems

  • Modelling, decision, and control of unmanned systems

  • Dynamic game and intelligent control theory for autonomous driving

  • Coordinated control techniques for steering of multiple unmanned systems


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Target Publication Date: 31 December 2021