International Journal of Production Research

Special Issue in memory of 

Dr. Jean-Marie Proth

(07.12.1938 – 17.06.2021)

Submission deadline:

December 15th, 2022

Guest editors:

Prof. Chengbin Chu, ESIEE Paris, France (

Prof. Feng Chu, University of Saclay, France (

Prof. Alexandre Dolgui,

Prof. Rakesh Nagi, University of Illinois, USA (

Prof. Xiaolan Xie, Mines St Etienne, France (

About the Issue:

Dr Jean-Marie Proth ( passed away on June 17, 2021. Jean-Marie was a member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Production Research and published a large number of articles in our journal.

He was a pioneer and leading scholar in many directions of industrial engineering and operations research, he contributed a lot to the production planning and control domain: flow control, scheduling, planning, and hierarchical production management. Dr Jean-Marie Proth formed tens of professor and scientists who are now leaders in these areas.

Jean-Marie worked on solving systems of partial differential equations, especially for the design of buffer stocks, the development of specific algorithms for some scheduling problems in real time, supply chains engineering, assembly line balancing, and bin-packing problems. His results in the modeling, analysis and evaluation of discrete event systems, especially Petri Nets for modeling and analyzing the behavior of discrete event systems, data analysis for design of production systems, innovative tool to perform cross-classification for group technology (called GPM). The algorithm GPM was used not only in the group technology and layout design, but also to decompose linear systems of very large size in order to approximate the solution. Many other research problems were solved by Jean-Marie Proth for example for city logistics, an algorithm was proposed which proceeds by division of the territory and can guide a vehicle in a city, taking into account fluctuations in traffic, etc.

Selected books by Jean-Marie Proth:

  • "Mathematical technics in production planning", by A. BENSOUSSAN, M. CROUHY and J.M. PROTH, North Holland Publishing, 1983.

  • "Mathematical Tools in Production Management", by J.M. PROTH and H. HILLION, Plenum, 1990.

  • "L'ordonnancement et ses applications", by C. CHU and J-M. PROTH, Masson, 1996.

  • "Petri Nets: A Tool for Design and Management of Manufacturing Systems", by J-M. PROTH and X. XIE, Wiley and Sons, 1996.

  • “Supply Chain Engineering. Useful Methods and Techniques”, by A. DOLGUI, J.-M.PROTH, Springer, 2010

Subject areas:

  • assembly line balancing

  • bin-packing

  • buffer allocation

  • clustering

  • combinatorial optimization

  • data analysis

  • discrete event systems

  • facility layout

  • group technology

  • hierarchical production management

  • inventory control

  • petri nets

  • production planning and control

  • replenishment planning

  • scheduling

  • stochastic systems

The guest editors at the 10th IFAC MIM conference in June 2022 in Nantes, France