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Call for Papers

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6 February 2024


The Operational Research (OR) community, established and potential, wants to hear from you!


OR is the science of better, more impactful decision making and is still very much in demand!


Have you recently contributed to enhancing the fate of an organisation, a community, or perhaps a country? Have you done so by using ‘the OR approach’, employing any mix of the ever richer collection of OR techniques? Perhaps you managed to successfully blend more established OR techniques with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and the likes?  


If you feel the above applies to you and your projects, you should consider publishing in IMPACT Magazine! 


IMPACT is the OR Society’s official magazine that speaks to OR practitioners (both existing and potential). It is jam-packed with real-world examples of how to use analysis to make better decisions. Our articles are often thought-provoking. Our former issues are available (free of charge) at:


We want to hear your own reflections from your practical uses of OR, as experienced by you, jointly with colleagues, clients, ‘partners in crime’, etc. (including the occasional academic partner). IMPACT articles are always practitioner-led. They may feature academic co-authors. Normally, they do not exceed 1500 words. And they need not disclose any confidential information.


Your IMPACT articles will not stop with telling fellow OR practitioners how great a job you did by using OR in a case study (although this might be an important reason for you to publish your work). They will go the extra mile, showing others: how they could follow in your footsteps (albeit in their own contexts); what challenging aspects you managed to overcome and how; what kind of impact (and how) was generated through your work, on your client and, perhaps, beyond. Even more importantly, your IMPACT articles will help to convince those who do not yet employ OR that they should really consider doing so, and why.  


We look forward to receiving your contributions!


Maurizio Tomasella

Editor of IMPACT Magazine

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