International Journal of Production Research

Design and management of energy-efficient and

energy-resilient supply chains

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​Key dates

  • Deadline for Manuscript Submission: 25 December 2022 

  • Final Decision Due: 31 July 2023

  • Tentative Publication Date: 30 November 2023

Papers can be submitted any time prior to the deadline, and will be evaluated and published online on a rolling basis. The Special Issue in print will appear once the review process of all submissions is completed.


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About the special issue
Transformation of the energy sector along with increasingly volatile global and local environments put the questions of energy-efficiency and energy-resilience in the forefront of supply chain and operations management. Both proactive disruptive technologies based on renewable energies and reactive responses and prioritization for scarcity of energy resources caused by disruptions call for developing working methods and models to support supply chain managers. While the research on energy-efficient manufacturing and logistics has been flourishing in industrial engineering for the last two decades, the integrated supply chain perspective of energy-efficiency still needs to be developed. Energy-resilience of supply chains is a new and unexplored research domain while the large body of knowledge from supply chain resilience can be used to develop this exciting and practically important area. 

This special issue aims to collate recent research and propose future-oriented ideas for design and management of energy-efficient and energy-resilient supply chains. In particular, the following topics are of interest:

•    Supply chain optimization and simulation with consideration of energy-efficiency
•    Supply chain optimization and simulation with consideration of energy-resilience
•    Modeling energy-efficient and energy-resilient supply chains with consideration of advanced energy-saving technologies in manufacturing, warehousing and transportation
•    Supply chain design and redesign with renewable energy considerations
•    Closed-loop supply chain design with consideration of energy-efficiency and energy-resilience
•    Energy-efficiency as a component of supply chain resilience
•    Interplay of supply chain energy-resilience and sustainability
•    Energy-efficiency in the context of circular supply chains
•    Supply chain re-design and re-planning under condition of scarcity and volatility of energy resources
•    Digital technology and Industry 4.0 to improve supply chain energy-efficiency and energy-resilience
•    Ripple effect and energy-efficiency and energy-resilience
•    Energy-efficiency and energy-resilience in the context of supply chain viability, viable supply chain model, and reconfigurable supply chain
•    Impact of energy-efficiency and energy-resilience on localization vs. globalization of supply chains

This special issue welcomes modeling and empirical papers from operations management, industrial engineering and operations research communities. All papers should adhere to the IJPR scope and publication criteria. Methods on the interface of optimization, simulation and artificial intelligence as well as papers dealing with real-life industrial context and technologies are particularly welcome. Most centrally, the papers should clearly focus on design and management of energy-efficient and energy-resilient supply chains. We stress that energy supply chain papers are generally out of scope of this special issue unless they clearly show a relation to the supply chains in manufacturing industry, retail, humanitarian logistics, and other sectors related to products and services.